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About Us:

At VanCar Land Clearing, LLC we offer an ECO-FRIENDLY, professional, insured, and experienced solution to clearing brush and trees for any residential or commercial application. With the use of specialized equipment, we are able to simultaneously cut and mulch unwanted vegetation on-site, leaving your property looking very similar to your home’s landscaping bed look. Not only great for the environment and your soil but also looks great. Our streamlined process allows us to provide you with a cost efficient advantage over traditional land clearing methods.

Forestry Mulching

Brush Hogging

Right of Way Clearing

Land Clearing

Utility Right of Ways

Trail Maintenance

New House Site Preparation

Constructon Site Preparation

Fire Breaks

Road Clearing

Field Reclamation

Harley Rake and Rock Hound Lawn Preparation 

Fence Line Clearing

Post Hole Digging 

Invasive Species Control

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How It’s Done:

Forestry mulching is a land clearing method that uses a single machine to cut, mulch, and clear vegetation – one to three acres of vegetation per day, depending on terrain, density, and type of material on your property. A forestry mulching machine uses a rotary drum equipped with carbide steel teeth to shred vegetation. The resulting layer of mulch suppresses weeds, stabilizes soil from erosion, and limits vegitation so tree growth is stronger and timber value is increased.

What Sets Us Apart?

We will remove and reduce your vegetation and overgrowth to ground level or below, and the end look will be very similar in size and quality to your home’s bed areas. We use a drum mulching unit, the drum mulcher produces below ground level brush and tree clearing and reduces all brush and trees to very small mulch, very similar to your homes landscaping beds. This drum mulching method is far superior in many aspects including, provides much better finish product looks, helps slow and prevent regrowth, is much better for the environment and will help your standing timber future growth to be better. Many of our competitors use a disc mulcher to reduce vegetation. This type of removal is not ideal as their end product is 4-6 inch chucks of debris launched over 100 yards creating safety concerns, take years to decompose, and will leave 3 to 5 inch stumps.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Forestry mulching is much less expensive and much less intrusive on your land than traditional methods of bulldozer, and heavy equipment tree removal and stump removal. Depending on the density and elevation changes on your property, we can clean and finish 1-3 acres per day of brush, our average cost per day is $1,000-$1,500.

We use a drum mulcher, which has a very distinct advantage over other less expensive disc mulchers and brush cutters, we can penetrate into the ground , when removing brush and small trees , this will allow the end result to last much longer and significantly inhibit regrowth. depending on your type of vegetation, our mulching process can last many years , versus the other brush removal options of disc type cutter or brush hog cutters, regrowth would be annually .

Forestry mulching has many advantages, the traditional method of clearing your land in the past, was either bring in a bulldozer, backhoe, excavator etc and push brush into a pile , to either burn later, let sit and decompose or bury the brush. This method is very costly, much more than forestry mulching, as well as the process of using heavy equipment to push and remove brush and stumps and dealing with the large holes left behind from the stump removal with heavy equipment is very rough on your land.

The use of forestry mulching equipment by a professional, will allow mulch to be distributed over the land that is being cleared. This mulch will inhabit unwanted vegetation to grow and is much better for the quality of your soils nutrients. In addition the forestry mulching process greatly improves the speed of your future timber’s growth.

Many times our trails and pastures get over grown and need to be maintained. We do offer track loader brush hog removal of heavy brush as well as forestry mulching. They use a traditional tractor to brush hog over grown fields, will leave 3-5 inch stumps and many uncut chunks of debris. We use a track loader very heavy duty brush cutter, which will reduce the number and sizing of the debris, and leave some small stumps of 2-3 inch. By utilizing the forestry mulching unit, we can reduce all stumps to ground level or below , as well as reduce all debris to a fine mulch.

We offer free quotes for all work. We have a 4 hour minimum for our service and charge 750.00, this includes delivery to the site.

Yes we have full commercial insurance for all work.

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